Chill Zone

Video Production: Increasing consumer engagement

Video Production

Promotional Video / Content Creation

The Brief

Vue Cinemas and Coca-Cola teamed up with LIFE Agency for their project in Westfield London. With their aim being to create an environment for teenagers to ‘Chill’ before watching their film, LIFE created the ‘Chill-Zone’. To showcase the Chill Zone, our videography team worked with LIFE Agency to document the project, in aim of reflecting the characteristics of what ‘Chill Zone’ was created to accomplish. 

Designed in partnership with Disney’s Marvel Studios, the Coca-Cola ‘Chill Zone’ used assets from the “Ant-Man and the Wasp” movie, providing a super interactive hang-out.

The Outcome

Given the benefits that Chill Zone supplies for the teenagers such as free charging slots for their phones, a free drink on their next film purchase and a cool place to hang out, our videography team set out to capture the essence of Chill Zone with the energy of the teenagers. Utilising up-beat music with energetic speed ramp effects and capturing the fun essence of the teenagers experience, we managed to supply Coca-Cola with an engaging true representation of how Chill Zone was effective. 

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Let's make something great