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Content Creation: Launching Gallery 37 a future-proof brand.

Content Creation

Graphic Design / Social Media Marketing

Video Production

Animation / Videography

The Brief

Gallery 37 is about cross art form collaboration for creatives across the city of Birmingham. It gives artists a platform for opportunities to showcase their work, create new art, and connect with industry professionals.

For their new 2018 launch that will run up until 2020 for the Common Wealth Games, Save As, having worked with Punch Records previously, were approached to create a completely new look for the brand.

The Outcome

Gallery 37 is about connectivity between artists within Birmingham, their transformation before, throughout and after the project. However, it’s not just about the artists, but also the mentors who help with the artist transformation. It doesn’t stop there either, its’s also to the public – the community who attend and participate, which as a result aids in helping the artists make their unique transformations. 

The inspiration for the branding came from a distraction. The distraction being a marching line of ants working together to form a unique structure in which they would form to carry food back to their nest. And so, Gallery 37’s branding idea was born. 

Combining a bold, mixture of complimentary colours with various unique abstract forms, our makers successfully created a complete branding package to represent the connectivity, transformation, unique art forms and community of Gallery 37s brand. This allowed for several abstract forms being used to represent the individual groups within the Gallery 37 project. 

Let's make
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Let's make something great

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