Northgate Bedrooms

Website Development: Custom-Designed for growth advancements.

Digital Design

Website Design / User Interface / User Experience

Video Production

Promotional Video / Content Creation

The Brief

With Northgate Kitchens having success with their website, they decided to expand the business and go on to further sell ‘Northgate Bedrooms’. Having provided an elegant and easy to use website for the Kitchens website, our makers were asked to set the marker for their new brand guidelines with the creation of the Northgate Bedrooms website. 

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The Outcome

With a new style for the brand and a new brand guidelines to follow, our creative design team put their design language together with a developer team to create the new look for Northgate.

Our team utilised a strict grid form for the website, keeping everything neat and tidy. Strong imagery was incorporated, as it was for Kitchens and the minimalism and neatness of the website allows the mesmerising images to pair with great content writing to provide an easy and understandable experience for Northgate’s audience. 

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Let's make something great