Original Patty Company

Content Creation; Native Facebook Advertisement to engage

Content Creation

Social Media Marketing

Video Production

Videography & Animation

The Brief

Original Patty Company had a complete re-brand from their Logo to their Packaging and even social media presence. To give them an upper-hand at their marketing, we noticed a trend in social content and worked alongside them to build a set, recruit actors and create a comical native advertisement for their social channels. 

The Outcome

Using comedy as a strong point of engagement, our intelligent creative team had a bright idea to creative a BuzzFeed style taste test. By incorporating the characteristics and background of Original Patty Company, the video ‘What they don’t tell you about Jamaican food’ was formed. 

Combining a diverse crowd, with comical one-liners, we intrigued the audience to see the responses from such a diverse group and encouraged comments below the video which further increased the engagement of the video as well as its network reach.

Alongside this engagement, the Native Advert provided an extraordinary amount of interaction for the Facebook channel it was shared on. In the first week of engagement, the video soared up to 40,000 views and over 500 shares to which in its second week more than double to 90,000 and over 1000 shares. 

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Let's make something great